Our Story

So why did we create Sweet Finale?

Pretty simple. We both love desserts, but wanted to find a healthier way to incorporate them into our lives. We know a lot of you can relate, but haven’t found a satisfying alternative to your favorite treats. We got you! Our cookies taste like the sugary, floury dessert you love, but are low-carb and packed with protein. These scratch-made, small batch cookies are baked with simple, high quality ingredients. We’re so dedicated, in fact, we even make our own chocolate chips! 


We welcome ALL to try our cookies whether you are keto and looking for a low-carb sweet treat or simply a hungry human being, we’re confident you’ll love Sweet Finale!

Happy Snacking,

Tali Pinnolis, chef/ co-founder

Marika Feuerstein, co-founder


A Little Bit About Us...